EPI: Don't Keep A Lid On It.

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  • Join gastroenterologist Doctor Bob Etemad whose mission is to educate and build awareness about Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI).
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  • perry belmont
    perry belmont 11 ay əvvəl

    What the doctor said because she told him/her the symptoms, fuck you could have told me then and I could have told you.
    Bull shit your doctor would have sent you to a specialist (gastroenterologist) and they would have done tests.

  • T J
    T J Il əvvəl +3

    My number two doesn’t look like number two, it looks like Hillary Clinton.

  • thewenchwhocriedwolf xoxo

    I may have this. See a doctor in a week

  • Rebecca Simmons
    Rebecca Simmons Il əvvəl +1

    I had low lipase levels for 10+ years without physicians knowing what was wrong. They all assumed only high lipase levels were of concern, even though I questioned them. Creon is helping.

  • TE S
    TE S Il əvvəl +2

    I have it. I did the stool test. Easiest text I ever took. Do it today.