J. Cole On Green Lantern (Behind the Scenes)

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  • Tarixində dərc edildi 30 Mar 2009
  • A look at Roc Nation's first artist, J. Cole on the night of his first Radio Appearance. Talking about meeting Jay-Z, and listening to a new Elite Production!
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  • MusiqiMusiqi

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  • Jev jrm
    Jev jrm 5 ay əvvəl

    Yo did anybody notice that the bald guy that was laugh wit ib was the guy from the vh1 show the breaks

  • poetmm
    poetmm Il əvvəl +7

    Nine years later J Cole is running Rap that boy came a long way a legend

  • PhillmaticPro
    PhillmaticPro 4 il əvvəl +3

    Can't find this interview on the internet. Anybody have it?

  • AverageJoe
    AverageJoe 5 il əvvəl +6

    bas in the back..

    • rob
      rob 6 ay əvvəl

      Finally got Bassy off the corner

    • Jevon Watson
      Jevon Watson 3 il əvvəl +3

      Didn't even peep bassy bas

  • om
    om 5 il əvvəl +10

    YO, last beat though?

  • steelersdynasty
    steelersdynasty 5 il əvvəl +6

    WTF is the name of that last beat?! What song did he put that on??

  • singleserveberry Cole
    singleserveberry Cole 5 il əvvəl +4

    What was the last track ??????????

  • slm22186
    slm22186 6 il əvvəl +4

    Camera man...please stand still. You can no vibe out when you holding the camera.

  • Esam Rana
    Esam Rana 6 il əvvəl +2

    I wish that song at the end released......

  • Thomas Sheridan
    Thomas Sheridan 6 il əvvəl +16

    just asked elite about the beat at the end of the video ... Elite said "It was supposed to be the intro to The Warm Up but Cole never used it ... I may revisit it in the future."

  • JaimeDaGreat
    JaimeDaGreat 6 il əvvəl +3

    I came back to this video that I been watching since 09 to say go damn that last beat wasn't on Friday night lights, sideline story, or any leaks or truly yours or born dinner c'mon cole!!!!!!! Lol

    • LOW
      LOW Ay əvvəl

      Ben or KOD 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Ben
      Ben 2 il əvvəl +2

      JaimeDaGreat or forest Hill drive or 4 your eyez only

  • MC Nelson
    MC Nelson 6 il əvvəl +1

    Shouts out to Elite, he made Return of Simba, Heartache, Visions of Home and Who dat!

  • Andy wilson
    Andy wilson 6 il əvvəl

    Somebody please tell me what the ending beat was!!

  • T Divine
    T Divine 6 il əvvəl

    Whats the name of that song? (Last beat)

    WETBLVCK 6 il əvvəl


  • FaShiioNistaChiq
    FaShiioNistaChiq 7 il əvvəl


  • ThaVuness
    ThaVuness 7 il əvvəl

    and now January 28th. COLE WORLD!

  • Ben Goodman
    Ben Goodman 7 il əvvəl +3

    elite said it was originally the intro to the warm up that didnt happen, then he said he may try to remix rise and shine with that beat, that didnt happen, my guess is we'll never hear cole on that beat

  • floetic justice
    floetic justice 7 il əvvəl

    stupid idiot that's elite he produced how many beats for J.cole , you're fav j.cole song probably produced by him... that right there should be a smack in you're face.

  • armon dooley
    armon dooley 7 il əvvəl

    Look at the fruits of his labor. Priceless.

  • Jean B
    Jean B 7 il əvvəl +1

    Haha anyone figure out the beat yet? I'm coming back like a year later lol, holla if you figure it out!

  • J B
    J B 7 il əvvəl

    Last beat, "Night Rider".

  • Joey Authentik
    Joey Authentik 7 il əvvəl

    If you click any of JCole's youtube videos he never has millions of views but never has more than 10 dislikes. I'll take 500k loyal supporters over a million so/so's

  • Dashy
    Dashy 7 il əvvəl

    its 2012 lol now has anyone found the song to the last beat on the video yet

  • LOW
    LOW 7 il əvvəl

    If you weren't moving to the beat at the end like the white dude, GTFO.

  • Sam Flood
    Sam Flood 8 il əvvəl

    @bigboi85ful lol yur a dumbass, fuck yu talkin bout "be yurself"..... "bitch ass nigga"

  • Mohamed Akbar
    Mohamed Akbar 8 il əvvəl

    Elite is tooo jokezz

  • spacko benefitz
    spacko benefitz 8 il əvvəl

    the white "wannabe ni**a" in the end is elite and produced the beat in the end.
    FUCK RACISM. god damn the beat is fuckn sick and i bet not one of you could make a beat like that.. so let him be him and dont disrespect him for how he is
    #cole world

  • J S
    J S 8 il əvvəl

    @KINGVAJ23 It hasn't :(

    KINGVAJ23 8 il əvvəl

    man i need to find that last beat wow!!!!! Anybody know if its been released?

  • megan nicole
    megan nicole 8 il əvvəl

    lyrical genius straight up!

  • SargentDmaths
    SargentDmaths 8 il əvvəl

    Cant wait for the second lp, that beat at 2:20 has to be onit, it sounds too good to be on a mixtape. elite elite elite

  • Spinnazn1
    Spinnazn1 8 il əvvəl

    LMAO!!! at Elite he go all hyped lol

  • Tiffany Laws
    Tiffany Laws 8 il əvvəl

    White Dude Was Gettin ' It Lmfaoo!

  • Harry Chadha
    Harry Chadha 8 il əvvəl

    @swagjuice03 I don't think so. what song

  • jamieevans14
    jamieevans14 8 il əvvəl

    @swagjuice03 What song?

  • Dorrell Collins
    Dorrell Collins 8 il əvvəl

    @hchadha6 its on his other mixtape friday night lights

  • Hanzolo Beats
    Hanzolo Beats 8 il əvvəl

    @hchadha6 i feel the same way

  • Harry Chadha
    Harry Chadha 8 il əvvəl

    damn that preview isn't on the album, had my hopes up. still a classic

  • Hanzolo Beats
    Hanzolo Beats 8 il əvvəl

    @KrazyAzzEaglez that sounds nothing like gods gift

  • Hanzolo Beats
    Hanzolo Beats 8 il əvvəl

    that last song i dont think its on his album DAMMMITTTTT

  • I really miss Cybertron...

    Which white boy? You talkin' about the end? He goes by "Elite" and he doesn't need to "try to fit in". He co-produced Who Dat, produced Heartache, and a shit ton of other tracks. Ever thought about the fact that that's just how he IS? What, you think only brothas can get hypie on a heavy beat? Cole 'n him have been working together for YEARS, so nah he doesn't need to do that, he just does. It's called enjoying the music. You're trying too hard to understand people you don't know.

  • TitiLove
    TitiLove 8 il əvvəl

    Team Cole all the way

  • christo p
    christo p 8 il əvvəl

    fayettenam homie

  • flash4mvp
    flash4mvp 8 il əvvəl

    Elite Elite Elite

  • JaimeDaGreat
    JaimeDaGreat 8 il əvvəl

    dammm that last beat better be in the sideline story!!!

  • Shaquille homer
    Shaquille homer 8 il əvvəl

    Whats the last beat from????

  • khalifapapers
    khalifapapers 8 il əvvəl

    @xChris36 krispy cream lookin ass needs to sit down lls!!

  • xChris36
    xChris36 8 il əvvəl

    lol @ that white dude at the end

  • Godztrick
    Godztrick 8 il əvvəl

    Coming Soon My Ass

  • FaShiioNistaChiq
    FaShiioNistaChiq 8 il əvvəl

    BUY THE ALBUM!!!!!! SEPTEMBER 27th!!!!!!!
    PLEASE support REAL HipHop!!!

  • Jalen Stricklen
    Jalen Stricklen 8 il əvvəl

    @edwin12004 wait you left out BiG sean

  • Hanzolo Beats
    Hanzolo Beats 8 il əvvəl

    lmao song sounds DOPE as hell man cant wait to hear it

  • Donny Dickshinski
    Donny Dickshinski 8 il əvvəl

    that song sounds amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggg ahaha

  • Juan Badillo
    Juan Badillo 8 il əvvəl

    @lejoromo13 Ah shit! I had this in mind the whole time!

  • Pascal Villeneuve
    Pascal Villeneuve 8 il əvvəl

    that beat bangs hard as a muthafucka

  • Godztrick
    Godztrick 8 il əvvəl

    damm i hope he's coming out with that elite production....shit is hardddd

  • leon joseph
    leon joseph 8 il əvvəl

    everyone buy 2 albums nd keep one in the plastic!!!!!

  • Steve Molina
    Steve Molina 8 il əvvəl

    @SeanBMusic it's off the new album. could possibly even be the single he puttin out in a few weeks.

  • Jean B
    Jean B 8 il əvvəl

    The Beat @ 2:40 !!! What is it??? kingecua15 asked this before, I gotta ask again! I will do anything to hear that in a full song. @2:40!