J. Cole working on "The Warm Up"

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  • J. Cole in the studio recording for the upcoming project "The Warm Up" on his birthday.
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  • Celso Dominguez
    Celso Dominguez 11 ay əvvəl +3

    damn im just finding this videos and ive been the biggest J.Cole follower for the longest time, this is amazing

  • Wilber Pantaleon
    Wilber Pantaleon Il əvvəl +1

    He made it out and he’s fire in 2018

  • Joe Trollina
    Joe Trollina 2 il əvvəl

    Love the process

  • Raymond
    Raymond 2 il əvvəl +2

    @0:56 That Beat Is Beautiful

  • Justin
    Justin 2 il əvvəl +1

    YYooooooo Wtf is that beat @1:00

  • West Covina's Own
    West Covina's Own 3 il əvvəl +38

    it's been seven years and I'm just now discovering the fact '2Face' was originally recorded for The Warm Up?! woooow. I was like thirteen in eighth grade listening to that shit everrryday, religiously. That record got me through everything, my moms had just split from my dad and my entire childhood as I knew it began to seem to go down the drain at that time. Shit like this from Cole helped me cope ... One of the most powerfully written songs he's ever wrote, imo. I get chills from it, 'til this day. one time for the young black conflicted geniuses

  • MAL
    MAL 3 il əvvəl


  • Hideotic
    Hideotic 3 il əvvəl

    Lol at the end I thought it said the rapist music it says therapist I'm a dumbass

    • anybody
      anybody 2 il əvvəl

      that's why he changed the name :)

  • Sione Fifita
    Sione Fifita 3 il əvvəl +7

    That 'Water Break' was meant to be a full joint? Dope to see how tracks change in either the creative process or final listenings/mixing/mastering/all that other technical shit.
    Bet you cole sitting on some beats from his warm up days! Bruh I'd pay my weekly salary to get a verse on them shits!
    Check me out on soundcloud!

    John '94 - The Prelude (To Central) Mixtape

  • Fabian Ahmad
    Fabian Ahmad 4 il əvvəl +2

    oh at 3mins he's rapping that shit I thought he freestyled on that radio on The Warm Up

  • Fabian Ahmad
    Fabian Ahmad 4 il əvvəl +5

    wow...2face..what a song

  • EastleyJackets
    EastleyJackets 4 il əvvəl +2

    The warm up was the most fire shit cole ever put out

  • Johnny Guaman
    Johnny Guaman 6 il əvvəl


  • itsninimf
    itsninimf 7 il əvvəl +1

    I love J.cole so sexy.

  • Johnny Guaman
    Johnny Guaman 7 il əvvəl +1

    Still Goin Hard

  • Johnny Guaman
    Johnny Guaman 7 il əvvəl +4

    I Still Watch This Shyt After 3 Years Same Fucking Emotion My Nigga Cole!!

  • Omar Magaña
    Omar Magaña 7 il əvvəl +2

    2face aha

  • JimastaJ
    JimastaJ 8 il əvvəl +3

    from 2:39 to 3:22 is a freestyle is Kanye West - We Major. But on the Warm Up it's name is changed to Water Break & it's over another beat.

  • DNA TheChillyboy
    DNA TheChillyboy 8 il əvvəl


  • Dorrell Collins
    Dorrell Collins 8 il əvvəl

    @MaskedTalent yo he says on one of his songs "u see this here is my lite work//the shit u callin classic i be like that might work" dude is a fuckin genius

  • EhiatEhi
    EhiatEhi 8 il əvvəl


  • AndrewQuiroz24
    AndrewQuiroz24 8 il əvvəl

    @MaskedTalent Yea he said that he has a lot of tracks he wants to release before his debut album for free.

  • Jordan Omar Patterson
    Jordan Omar Patterson 8 il əvvəl

    @GeneusGene i know lol i just wanted to say it

  • Brandon Caswell Douglas

    @GeneusGene Chill, sorry i was mistaken.

  • Geneus
    Geneus 8 il əvvəl

    I'm sure he knows that by now son. He did ask a year ago BEFORE Friday Night Lights came out. @reecardoh90

  • Geneus
    Geneus 8 il əvvəl +1

    It's not on The Warm Up though. o_O @BDogDaRapStar Fuck outta here tryna kick knowledge when you don't know shit. SMH Friday Night Lights homey. Now you can go listen to that!!!!!!

  • Geneus
    Geneus 8 il əvvəl

    I'm sure he knows that by now son. He did ask a year ago BEFORE Friday Night Lights came out. @JordanTVOmar

  • Jordan Omar Patterson
    Jordan Omar Patterson 8 il əvvəl +1

    @greatdon92 2face homie !

  • Brandon Caswell Douglas

    @greatdon92 Listen to the "The Warm Up" so you don't have to ask what's the song name is.

  • realtalk300
    realtalk300 8 il əvvəl

    j,cole looked bigger back then

  • GEAK 92
    GEAK 92 8 il əvvəl

    Which song is at 3:00 plzzz let me know

    HEY2YALL 8 il əvvəl


  • 12emeirs
    12emeirs 8 il əvvəl

    @greatdon92 2face- j cole

  • MaskedTalent
    MaskedTalent 8 il əvvəl +1

    OMG.....2face is two years old???????????? MANNNNNNN WOW! HE MUST BE SITTING ON ALOT OF FIREEEE!

  • punit121
    punit121 8 il əvvəl

    what instrumental is on 0:58??

  • ashtonadams89
    ashtonadams89 8 il əvvəl

    @Shoganleader cole said he kept a lot of songs under raps cuz yjey was to good for his first couple of mixtapes he's been working on the album for a min if you think about it

  • Kay Khan
    Kay Khan 8 il əvvəl

    @greatdon92 that's 2Face. It's not on the warm up though, friday night lights

  • Ahmed.a_94
    Ahmed.a_94 8 il əvvəl

    2:30 he looks somali

  • Greenmoneyy
    Greenmoneyy 8 il əvvəl

    @greatdon92 2face

  • Hii Power
    Hii Power 8 il əvvəl +2

    Damn he recorded 2face back then shit

  • MackB.
    MackB. 8 il əvvəl

    I Can Imagine The New Hits He Got Now For The Future If 2Face Was Made Long Ago

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson 8 il əvvəl

    check out the sign at 2:30 with all the white ppl and then the ONE black guy thrown in

  • Bittah_Worlock_
    Bittah_Worlock_ 8 il əvvəl

    Damn That's Crazy He Made "2face" 2 years ago and it sounds like his new shit!! J. Cole Is So Amazing. He Reminds Me Of Pac And Nas

  • Jacob Robinson
    Jacob Robinson 8 il əvvəl

    @greatdon92 It's called 2face

  • dasoory
    dasoory 8 il əvvəl

    @greatdon92 its called 2face from his new mixtape friday night lights

  • LASmith589
    LASmith589 8 il əvvəl

    Man The first line in Grown Simba is me: Now I was Dreaming bout' a deal at the age of thirteen. I'm Thirteen now, and Cole inspires me to make songs. So I thank him

  • Brian Del Pino
    Brian Del Pino 8 il əvvəl

    This made Friday night lights 2 face

  • T Amazin
    T Amazin 8 il əvvəl

    @greatdon92 '2face' its on his "friday night lights" mixtape

  • GoldenSoul1
    GoldenSoul1 9 il əvvəl

    Yo what's that @0:55?

  • Hii Power
    Hii Power 9 il əvvəl

    @greatdon92 2 face but prob know dat know

  • tripamaxx
    tripamaxx 9 il əvvəl

    im glad he released that fuckin song

  • Juan Polanco
    Juan Polanco 9 il əvvəl

    2face . jcole .

  • Storytellin Jordan
    Storytellin Jordan 9 il əvvəl

    does j.cole really hav e a song to the we major beat at the beggining?

  • Marx Haven
    Marx Haven 9 il əvvəl

    he spit that verse on that studio session with syience. I wanna hear a full version.

  • Jamere Walton
    Jamere Walton 9 il əvvəl

    if you a fan of hip hop go to youtube search box and type in "jay jay check my vision"

  • greatdon92
    greatdon92 9 il əvvəl

    What's the name of the song at 1:30???? Shit sound crazy....

    BEEN TRILL 10 il əvvəl

    it's not released. The original song is from kanye called We Major. I don't know what he was doing though with that beat. Maybe it was supposed to be released on warm up but it didn't.

    • James Brooking
      James Brooking 10 ay əvvəl

      BEEN TRILL that verse actually is on The Warm Up, listen to Water Break, he brings it up on that radio freestyle

  • Andres Mena
    Andres Mena 10 il əvvəl

    Where can I get that song the 1st one????

  • DJ Harris
    DJ Harris 10 il əvvəl

    look like u guys having a good time u have to let me work with ya