LEARNING HOW TO ACT ft. Noah Schnapp

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  • In this episode of Out Of Our Comfort Zones we met up with Noah Schnapp, a professional actor who plays the part of WILL on the iconic show 'Stranger Things', to get some insights on what it's like to be an actor on the big screen and to learn out to become professional actors ourselves.
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    No one:

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    Not a single soul:

    Noah: I love crying!! 😃

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    Do a video with Cameron pls

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    I just realized this was uploaded on my birthday im dumb

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    Dolan twins: we r running out of ideas comment what we should do

    Me: do 24hrs with fake nails on

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    Love love love love love stranger things

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    Why was I crying too!😂😂💀

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    5:32 I don’t know why but that lil laugh was so adorable 🥺

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    "bAe" -Grayson dolan 2019

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    HAPPY 10mill

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    I can’t be the only one who cried when Grayson was crying about pickles! 😂😢

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    we shake our legs and arms for theatre lol

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    You can DEFINITELY tell that his favorite word is “like”

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    You guys the best😃😁

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    Omg you guys are so good at acting I love you guys so much I think you would be awesome actors can I plz have a shoutout love you guys ♥️

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    i like that glitching pillow

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    Can u guys plz move to Roosevelt or come visit bc I really want to see u guys so bad

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    you can tell that grayson wanted to tell ethan to stop being a little bitch at 10:21 💀💀

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    I have a big question, what happened to the Dolan twins Warehouse?? 😢😢

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    Ethan: "Maybe I can turn my nerves into tears"
    Noah: "gReAt"

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    Esmeralda...you mean Emma 😂😂😂

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    Does anyone else see the resemblance between Ethan and Dot Jones (who played Coach Bieste on Glee)? Sorry, but... the resemblance is there.

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    HAPPY 10 milll boysss

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    I really saw the AZclip video title and thought how to act meant how to act as in manners and stuff I was like ???

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    Wow Noah is so talented 👌

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    Might be their last video.........😭

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    This is how many like they said in the video

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    The Dolan twins make Me happy when I am sad like if you agree 🙂🙃

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      Maggie Bleh where is this found at? Tell me more!

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    My favorite part is when they showed Tom Holland

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    Hi. Since all of y'all probably know ethan is getting death threats... i just wanna say this


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    Noah: I BROKE MY LEG

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    14:27 his baby voice crack😂

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    Anyone know about the threats 🥺

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    I screamed. ''Esmeralda!'' XD

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    I feel Like grayson looks like his name is ethan and ethan looks like his name is grayson

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    Ethan,this is serious someone on social media is giving you death threats when u come back to la he will go to the cafe you go to and will shoot you I don't know if this is real I'm just saying be careful when you go back to la

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    Noah is such a good actor :O
    Noah schnapped
    I’ll go home

  • Maggie Rose
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    The thought of them acting made me cringe
    But let’s see lmao

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    not going to lie I feel like that vid was made yesterday

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    cliff hangar :(((((

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    Noah, Kenzie and Maddie making the same antistress stuff and the twins forgot it. Once a dancer always a dancer guys 😂❤️

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    Cuz Esmeralda.. has really voluptuous lips 😂

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    no one:
    literally nobody:
    not a single human:
    not even a single organism:
    noah: *smiles* "i love crying"

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    I can’t believe Noah is 14, he is growing up so fast...I FEEL SO OOOLLLLDDDDD!!!!

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    no one

    literally no one

    not a single soul

    *gray "fake" crying

    *me on the other hand just balling my eyes out

    Idk i thought it was funny❤😂

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    no one:
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    grayson: “i jUsT nEeD tO jUmP”

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    " i cant live without pickles" *crying*

    im dying thats so funny haha. and that was really good acting!!

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    the dolan twins doing improv is content we didnt know we needed

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    how to be a makeup artist
    how to be a cook
    how to be a astronaut
    how to be a doctor (idk how you would...)
    how to be a singer

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    You guys need to be careful especially Ethan somebody said they are going to shoot you in front of Grayson and 2 girls said they are going to rape you guys and may kill Ethan so he cant help Grayson plz watch out it may be a joke but both of them if they are jokes are sick jokes

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    “I’m over here getting emotional about pickles!”
    PFFFTTTTT meee too ethan😂😂😂

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    I woke up and thought it was a Tuesday. It’s Monday 😿

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    13:19 is my favorite part 😂

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    but I did it only to 123456

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    somebody needs to start talking about the death threats. for those who dont know- someone is gonna kill Ethan next week once there in a cafe in LA. it's the cafe where they get avocado toast everyday. the person is threatening to shoot Ethan in the head. theres also 2 girls who are both going to rape Ethan and grayson, and said they might kill grayson or Ethan of they're early too. if you see this, you can copy and spread the word! Please be safe Ethan and Grayson!

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    guys please listen. Look up "Ethan Dolan Death Threat". SERIOUSLY MY DUEDSSSSSSS

  • Oiche_ x
    Oiche_ x Gün əvvəl +1

    guys please listen. Look up "Ethan Dolan Death Threat". SERIOUSLY MY DUEDSSSSSSS

  • Oiche_ x
    Oiche_ x Gün əvvəl +1

    guys please listen. Look up "Ethan Dolan Death Threat". SERIOUSLY MY DUEDSSSSSSS

  • Oiche_ x
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