APA Format in Word - in 4 Minutes V2

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  • Learn to write APA formatted documents in Word... in 4 minutes. This updated version corrects an omission in the original and includes the step-by-step instructions to copy or screen print.

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  • Brent Crabtree
    Brent Crabtree 2 gün əvvəl

    Awesome! I dreaded this so much and you made it so easy! The word APA gave me a headache...so relieved! THANKS!

  • jon good
    jon good 5 gün əvvəl

    I slowed down the speed and worked as you talked, thank you for this video

  • Margi Clark
    Margi Clark 9 gün əvvəl

    Very helpful but with one omission. The header should be formatted so that the font is the same as the body of the text.

  • Chan Roobi
    Chan Roobi 10 gün əvvəl

    Fantastic! Thank you! I don't know why they make this so friggin hard. The instructions in my first online class assignment were vague and this video cleared it all up. THANK YOU!

  • Cgon Gonc
    Cgon Gonc 12 gün əvvəl

    There is an APA format template that you can use if you search for it underneath the blank document home screen on word

  • TThompson79
    TThompson79 13 gün əvvəl

    What an awesome, detailed and concise video! Thank you very much, this was extremely helpful.

  • everett johnson
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  • Sannaa's World
    Sannaa's World Ay əvvəl +1

    For Urdu/hindi tutorial, watch out my video 🥰

  • elizabeth carver
    elizabeth carver Ay əvvəl

    yes this is simple. just show me how to do it. it doesn't have to be complicated. i always forget all the details. thank you!!!

  • Patricia Castro
    Patricia Castro 2 ay əvvəl

    This is so helpful! Thanks, you just saved my essay.

  • Honeysucle10
    Honeysucle10 2 ay əvvəl

    Thank you so much for this! I always forget how to do these formats off the top of my head, then wind up messing something up with the header or paragraph indentations like you said. This video is so very helpful, I love how you just get right to the point and show us how to do it without all of the excessive explanations we tend to get in class and from our class formatting references guides. I saved this in like 3 different places so I can always find it when I have to do a paper, this is by far the best video for APA formatting I've come across so far! :)

  • Tong An
    Tong An 2 ay əvvəl

    Only title name and link is perfect enough.

  • Tong An
    Tong An 2 ay əvvəl

    Meaningless to add the author name, date and website name.

  • Ken Caisse
    Ken Caisse 2 ay əvvəl

    The one non-music video I always come back too. thx again

    BOOBERFRAGGLELOVER 2 ay əvvəl +3

    Thank you so much for this super helpful video! I have literally never in my past 3 years of college had to write in APA, only MLA. This makes it sooo simple to understand.

  • Jimmy D
    Jimmy D 2 ay əvvəl

    thank you Sir

  • Timothy Brozell
    Timothy Brozell 2 ay əvvəl

    Thanks so much!

  • Jasper Tan
    Jasper Tan 2 ay əvvəl +1

    I find myself coming back to this video every time i have a submission, thanks! Awesome vid!

  • bentley
    bentley 2 ay əvvəl

    This video helped me get over my fear of APA, THANKS!

  • xXBadapp1eX x
    xXBadapp1eX x 3 ay əvvəl +1

    Everytime I go the second page my I try to change my header but it changes the first one also. What am I doing wrong.

  • indonesianprincess
    indonesianprincess 3 ay əvvəl

    Omg I love you!!! First time college student after a 20 year return... I dont belive I did APA or MLA anything when I was in high school. Thank you for this video!

  • Audrey Williams
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  • Christina Graham
    Christina Graham 3 ay əvvəl

    Does the first header automatically cause an empty last header page to be made? For some reason I can't get rid of an empty last page. Is this empty last page supposed to be there? If not, did I put the wrong setting for the first header or how can I delete that first page? I was able to delete other necessary pages I didn't need but the same method is not working for this last empty page.

    • Christina Graham
      Christina Graham 3 ay əvvəl

      Colin Murphy, Ed.D. Thank you. Yes I did apply a page break that I didn’t need at the beginning of my document and then removed it. Then I had to go back and fix the rest of my document. (Obviously I’m beginner level) Then when I was done I had the extra,empty last page with a page number but CNTRL G \page didn’t work like it did for the other pages. I ended up submitting the college paper since I was on a time crunch but I’m sure I could find different ways to fix it next time. Thank you for this video, you helped me to put the correct settings and the professor said it was just fine. 😊

    • Colin Murphy, Ed.D.
      Colin Murphy, Ed.D.  3 ay əvvəl +1

      Headers have two forms, all pages or "different first page" (which we use in APA). When you create a "different first page" header, Word creates a 2nd page with a header space for the rest of your pages. The page can be deleted. The common ways that a blank last page occurs are having extra blank lines that roll to the next page, or inserting a manual page break. Go to the blank last page, click in the page, then press Delete or Backspace until the cursor returns to the prior page. If the prior page text goes all the way to the bottom (last line) of the page, any extra spaces will cause a new blank page to follow. I hope this helps.

  • Nobin Pradhan
    Nobin Pradhan 3 ay əvvəl

    Came in handy. And in e mere 4 minutes. The voice was calm, unhurried and very patient. Well done!!

  • Abdullah Alqaq
    Abdullah Alqaq 3 ay əvvəl

    Doesn't work like that for me
    the title and page number never keeps on going. wtf

  • Marc Cadenelli
    Marc Cadenelli 3 ay əvvəl

    Does the title of your paper have to be on every single page?

    • Colin Murphy, Ed.D.
      Colin Murphy, Ed.D.  3 ay əvvəl

      Yes, in the "running head". On the title page, the header should contain "Running head: YOUR TITLE" and the page number on the right margin. All other page headers contain "YOUR TITLE" and the page number. Note that your title is in all capital letters, but "Running head: " is in mixed case.

  • Kylie Alyssa
    Kylie Alyssa 3 ay əvvəl

    bless your soul good sir

  • Lina Kay
    Lina Kay 3 ay əvvəl

    I have a question ! I’m writing an essay responding to questions on why I am interested in nursing do I need the abstract page and the table of context and reference page or can I just skip that ? I’m so confused !!!! Help meee

    • Colin Murphy, Ed.D.
      Colin Murphy, Ed.D.  3 ay əvvəl

      Two answers: "it depends" and "ask your instructor"...
      For most smaller assignments (e.g. 5 pages or less, and particularly an essay), the abstract is normally superfluous. It is a summary of your research paper and includes research topic, research questions, participants, methods, results, data analysis, and conclusions in 150-250 words. My students seldom write large enough assignments to warrant an abstract. So ask your instructor.

      The major sections of an APA paper include Title Page, Abstract, Main Body, and References... There is no table of contents, but most papers include information from other sources, such as books, articles, research papers, and the Internet. Those require giving those sources via citations (e.g. "(Jones, 2018)") in the text, and a matching reference page entry. So if you are including information from other sources... yes, you must have a references page.

      I hope this helps.

  • Billy Close
    Billy Close 4 ay əvvəl +2

    Ayyyyyyy now I can pass this semester, thank you!!

  • Red Rum
    Red Rum 4 ay əvvəl

    Ty so much

  • Kristin M
    Kristin M 4 ay əvvəl +1

    I noticed that even though you set the font as TNR, when you then entered the header, It was not in TNR. Do you have to go back and manually change that to TNR?

  • KookyMiyuki
    KookyMiyuki 4 ay əvvəl +1

    Don't forget to make the running head 12-point Times New Roman, too!

  • Eye MadeIt
    Eye MadeIt 4 ay əvvəl

    you should make a downloadable copy for future viewers. thank me later

  • Zaina W
    Zaina W 4 ay əvvəl

    Thank you very much! This was quite helpful. :)

  • Hedwigmayer
    Hedwigmayer 4 ay əvvəl

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • J Kae
    J Kae 5 ay əvvəl

    Excellent resource! Thank you! I love having the slides at the end.

  • ajax
    ajax 5 ay əvvəl

    thank you so much for very helpful video

  • Tony Bonstead
    Tony Bonstead 5 ay əvvəl

    Any chance you can make another video for the 2019 edition of word?

    • Tony Bonstead
      Tony Bonstead 5 ay əvvəl

      @Colin Murphy, Ed.D. Thanks for the quick reply, I look foreword to the updated video when you get around to it. There are certainly some big differences in the updated version of word 2019.

    • Colin Murphy, Ed.D.
      Colin Murphy, Ed.D.  5 ay əvvəl +1

      Yes, and that was a good question. Both 2019 installed and browser-based as needed. Particularly since the UI (user interface) differs substantially between them... It is on my list to do, but I can't promise when they'll be finished. My own students will be glad for them also...

  • J
    J 5 ay əvvəl

    Straight to the point, thanks so much

  • Elizabeth Lees
    Elizabeth Lees 5 ay əvvəl

    Thank you Colin, from the bottom of my perfectly formatted document (and top and everything in between)

  • justBeverly
    justBeverly 6 ay əvvəl

    Thank you!

  • Pamela Galovich
    Pamela Galovich 6 ay əvvəl

    Video is informative as well as concise. I am community college librarian and would like your permission to use your video on our site with appropriate attribution .

    • Pamela Galovich
      Pamela Galovich 6 ay əvvəl

      @Colin Murphy, Ed.D. Thank you - will subscribe to your channle so I won't miss updates

    • Colin Murphy, Ed.D.
      Colin Murphy, Ed.D.  6 ay əvvəl

      Pamela, you are most welcome to use it, with appropriate attribution. Please check back periodically. This version is 2 years old now and I will be adding another version (V3) with a few improvements, and that includes more detail on several sections thanks to viewer comments. Also, watch for one regarding citations/references.

  • Christina Adjieff
    Christina Adjieff 6 ay əvvəl

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Caryn Jones
    Caryn Jones 7 ay əvvəl

    One tip I would like to add is to use the vertical ruler on the left side of the page to help center the text on the title page. Your example only uses 3 lines on the title page, but if you need to add more lines, spacing down a random number of times could make the text not be centered vertically on the title page. Your explanation of running heads and page numbers are a life saver!

  • F4collector
    F4collector 7 ay əvvəl

    Thanks for making and posting this video - mUCH appreciated
    -Tom F4collector

  • Jenna Medlyn
    Jenna Medlyn 7 ay əvvəl +1

    Thank you so much! What I thought was going to take me an hour only took me 20 minutes. Your the best!

  • Les High
    Les High 7 ay əvvəl

    Thank you for this. I am returning to college after 12 years to pursue a degree. I needed a brush up for my first paper.

  • luvinsingin07
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  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar 9 ay əvvəl

    No mam I need that abstract information, take a downvote for skipping!

    • Julius Caesar
      Julius Caesar Ay əvvəl

      @Colin Murphy, Ed.D. I just feel as though if you are going to include a setup tutorial, you shouldn't skip valuable information that's all.

    • Colin Murphy, Ed.D.
      Colin Murphy, Ed.D.  9 ay əvvəl

      As with every aspect... I recommend confirming with the professor/instructor if there is any question. This video is correct in what it says, but the important part is "what does the professor want?"

  • Queen Of Cups
    Queen Of Cups 9 ay əvvəl

    I’m writing my final Capstone paper because I’ll be graduating in May! Yay! I’ve used the steps in this video countless times in the last 2 years and I’ve sent the link to my classmates. You’ve really simplified the APA process for many students and elevated much of the stress associated with writing papers. So thank you for this video! 👍🏽

    • Colin Murphy, Ed.D.
      Colin Murphy, Ed.D.  9 ay əvvəl +1

      Thank you! Of the many heartfelt and supportive comments I've received for these videos, yours included both your progress and achievement. Your ongoing academic effort and ultimate success is what I hoped was happening to those using this video, and you are so kind to share it.
      CONGRATULATIONS!!! "I'll be graduating in May!" is a fabulous achievement. I am so happy that this video was helpful!

  • rodrek ak
    rodrek ak 9 ay əvvəl

    why do you use running head on the first page?

    • rodrek ak
      rodrek ak 9 ay əvvəl

      @Colin Murphy, Ed.D. thank you alot

    • Colin Murphy, Ed.D.
      Colin Murphy, Ed.D.  9 ay əvvəl +1

      APA format requires the two-types of running head. I do not know why, but it does. Title page has "Running head: TITLE IN CAPS" plus page number on right margin. All other pages have only "TITLE IN CAPS" plus page number on right margin. Use the "different first page" header option.

  • HASH R
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  • Ana Yari
    Ana Yari 10 ay əvvəl

    So, for every new page you (center) then type the title for each page? like under the context of this example after page two lets say you wanna add another page of "content" do you continue to add the same title to each page after that until you reach the Refrences page. This is wonderful. Wish more teachers could break stuff down like this! cool!

    • Colin Murphy, Ed.D.
      Colin Murphy, Ed.D.  10 ay əvvəl

      Good question, and thank you for the kind comment. No, the title only appears on the title page, in the running head (in CAPS), and on the first content page. The remaining content pages just begin with your content. I hope that helps.

  • shellyedmb117
    shellyedmb117 10 ay əvvəl

    this video is a lifesaver thank you

  • Vino Liger
    Vino Liger 10 ay əvvəl

    Very helpful. Short but meaty. Thanks Mr. Colin MUrphy.

  • David White
    David White 10 ay əvvəl

    Thank you so much!

  • Blactrick
    Blactrick 11 ay əvvəl

    Thx for this colin. And your voice so tranquil

  • Julie Siemianowski
    Julie Siemianowski 11 ay əvvəl

    Thank you! Do you have the last pages available as a download?

    • Colin Murphy, Ed.D.
      Colin Murphy, Ed.D.  11 ay əvvəl

      No, since AZclip doesn't have a provision for file downloads and the notes are relatively brief. I recommend pausing the video playback and copying via screen-shot or manually. I hope that helps.

  • Melissa G
    Melissa G 11 ay əvvəl +3

    bless you, this video really saved my life lmao

  • Tamera Argrow
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    You are a life saver!!